We, at World Safaris, promote conservation by providing affordable and responsible Wildlife Conservation Travel for the accredited institutions of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA).
We believe the AZA-accredited institutions and the travelers we serve are important members of their communities supporting wildlife conservation, science and education. These institutions provide their respective communities with direct “up close and personal” experiences with wildlife, nature and other cultures, which can transform perceptions and lead to more informed, caring and engaged communities. In addition, they promote community involvement in conservation through a wide range of educational opportunities, such as interactive on-line programs, classes, lectures and institutional tours.

Our Commitment To Responsible Travel:

The World Safaris family is committed to the three principle action elements of Responsible Travel:

Safeguard the environment

Support sustainable development

Honor the local culture


Direct support of conservation and communities

Through the World Safaris Impact On Wildlife program, we promote wildlife and habitat conservation worldwide by donating a minimum of 10 percent of our profits to support carefully selected conservation and community development projects in the regions within which we travel.

Exclusive partnerships with local service providers

Recognizing that wildlife, nature and cultures are often imperiled by the actions of humans, we seek to mitigate that impact by providing local economic incentives for conservation through Wildlife Conservation Travel. It is our policy to work exclusively with service providers that are locally owned and operated, thereby insuring that tourism revenue benefits the economies of the communities within our destinations.