When Theodore Roosevelt began planning his African safari, he consulted with the world’s top experts on Africa – among them Carl Akeley and Frederick Courteney Selous. Based on their recommendations, Roosevelt chose what was then known as British East Africa and set sail for Kenya. When his adventures were published in 1910, he popularized journeys to Africa under the term “safari” and Kenya became known as the birthplace of safaris.

Today, “safari” continues to bring forth images of Africa wildlife – elephants and lions, zebras and giraffes. And Kenya remains the most popular destination in East Africa for several reasons. Its variety of habitats and species – especially large mammals – is unmatched. Unlike safari destinations in Southern Africa, the distances between these diverse habitats are small enough to allow travelers to stay with their safari guides throughout their safari.

Kenya has a sophisticated and robust tourism infrastructure, providing a wide range of levels of comfort and luxury. After all, they’ve been conducting safaris for over one hundred years! Perhaps most important – Kenya offers some of the best values in all of Africa.

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