Our Destinations

The Great Migration on Tanzania’s rolling Serengeti!

Ponderous giant tortoises on the Galápagos Islands!

The powerful, yet gentle, mountain gorillas of Rwanda!

Clouds of colorful macaws on Peru’s Tambopata River clay lick!

We, at World Safaris, follow a few simple rules when we select the destinations we offer.

  1. Is it safe to travel to and within the destination?
  2. Do our travel partners follow the international Covid-19 safety protocols?
  3. Does the travel infrastructure exist to insure that our travelers will be safe and comfortable?
  4. Are there conservation and community development challenges we may be able to assist with through Impact On Wildlife?
  5. Do we know the destination well enough to be able to answer all the above questions?
    Please take a look at the World Safaris destinations using the navigation links above. Our travels have taken us to many of these exceptional wildlife conservation destinations and we are proud to offer them to you.

    And, if you have a favorite wildlife place that we do not list, please let us know. We’d love to explore the possibilities with you.