Zambia offers some of Africa’s best, and most active, wildlife viewing – a fact many safari travelers overlook when designing their itineraries. While names like Serengeti and Kruger are more well-known, serious safari travelers are drawn to Zambia and its amazing wildlife destinations.

Perhaps Zambia’s most well-known safari destination is South Luangwa National Park, recognized by many as the place where walking safaris were perfected. The gentle terrain, the life-giving rivers and the amazing diversity of wildlife species makes it one of the favorite safari destinations for frequent safari travelers. It is widely believed that South Luangwa has the highest density of wildlife in all of Africa, with its concentration of animals around the Luangwa River and its oxbow lagoons making it among the most intense safari experiences on the continent.

Some experienced safari travelers love to explore the more remote wildlife destination in Africa. And the Lower Zambezi National Park certainly qualifies as remote. Within its almost 1600 square miles, you’ll find a true wilderness that is only accessible to a small number of travelers. Here, there are no paved roads and, due to the small number of safari camps, you’re unlikely to see other travelers as you venture out on your game drives. And the presence of the Zambezi River offers a unique combination of land and water activities, including catch-and-release fishing for the tigerfish – known to anglers as one of the most sought after fresh water game fishes in the world.