Wildlife Conservation Travel that makes a difference

During the almost 30 years we have each traveled and conducted wildlife viewing safaris, we have met a number of people throughout the world who have had a positive impact on the lives of others. These extraordinary people face significant challenges in their dedicated efforts that focus on conservation of the wildlife and/or the needs of the local communities of the regions we visited .

Impact On Wildlife is part of our commitment to help them succeed and our commitment to the wildlife and the communities of the destinations we visit. It encompasses the actions and programs we get involved in, as well as those of our service partners in each country. Working with existing conservation and community-based organizations, we identify successful, well-managed programs that make a difference. In addition to direct financial support, we also promote these conservation and community-based organizations through our website, blogs and other digital media.

The heart of our Impact On Wildlife program is the World Safaris Council of Conservation and Science Advisors – a group of esteemed conservationists and scientists who provide professional guidance in the development of wildlife conservation travel programs and help evaluate project proposals.

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